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Liquifier Smart Serialisation

Liquifier is a serialisation/deserialisation library for preserving object graphs with references intact.

Liquifier uses attributes and interfaces to allow the user to control how a type is serialised - the aim is to free the user from having to write code to serialise and deserialise objects, especially large or complex graphs in which this is a significant undertaking.

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Liquifier will serialise any permissible type to a stream of bytes for storage or transport, and deserialise the complete graph exactly as it was before.
Liquifier can preserve all fields and property values of the target type, and will keep all references intact when deserialising, including circular references, those in collections and delegates & events.

Liquifier has no external dependencies and is supplied as a tiny binary.

Liquifier is written in C# for .NET.


The Liquifier Project is Pre-Alpha because not all of the documentation is complete. To start using the library right away, download the latest release from the Downloads page. Get the source code and look at the unit tests for examples if the current documentation does not explain what you need, and if that fails, ask on the forum.

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